The Photographs - African Approaches: Roads to a Far Off Place: Jo Jordan

These amateur images, mostly slides, are from the author’s personal archive. As she says, they weren’t taken with any ‘National Geographic’ aspirations!  Most, especially from the 1970’s & 1980’s, were taken on Kodachrome (occasionally Ektachrome) using an Olympus OM1, later an Olympus OM2 and one of the early Olympus compacts.  Other than a few images taken by Brian Benson, most of the photos of the house were ‘happy snappy’ prints taken on Canon & Fuji compacts.

Tempting though it is to record colour & character, Jo has never enjoyed pointing a camera lens at people. Using the height of the trucks as a shield helped discretion but over the years she found herself less and less inclined to something that seemed very intrusive.

The slides have been digitilised in the nick of time. She says that it would have been a Herculean task to remove the dust, dirt and fungus spots from each and every negative – or even the occasional squashed bug – so while the quality isn’t great, they have a certain authenticity!

Chapters – the photographs have been arranged chapter by chapter in an attempt to reflect or refer to the text – however some pics are not contemporaneous to the events described (usually because few if any photographs were taken at that particular time or negatives later disappeared through confiscation or carelessness) so there is a bit of a mix.

Samaki House’ is intended as a short cut, assembling some images of ‘before’ & ‘after’.  A more detailed record of construction for those that are interested in such things can be found in the book.

Misc. is the repository for all those pics that can’t really be related to the text but have found their way in…

The Book

African Approaches: Roads to a Far-Off Place is a compelling tale of the ups and downs of Trans-Africa overlanding.
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August 2020